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Testimonials from happy clients



The following testimonials have been sent during the recent past
from some of our many happy and satisfied clients.


"I can say that the professionalism from your staff, the clarity and quality of phone service provided and the accuracy of invoicing has been outstanding, and we appreciate all that you have done for us." "Thank you for the excellent service that A+ Conferencing Services provides us and we look forward to using your services in 2007 and beyond. Have a nice day!"
Professional Management Group - North Carolina

"I am very happy with the conferencing service your company offers. When an emergency meeting pops up for our Board of Directors, it is assuring to have your services available when we need them. Our Directors love it! Thanks much!"
Power Utilities Provider - Illinois

"We are very happy with the conferencing services. I have added several new codes for different departments already and it's always so easy to do."
Property Management Group - San Diego

"The conferencing service we have is meeting our needs. It has been very useful for us. It's very user friendly and a nice option for our organization."
Ministry group - Minnesota

"I appreciate your follow-up on our account.
1) Our conferencing needs are being met very well at this time. The lines are always clear and it's a great way for our board members to meet.
2) No additional training is necessary, thank you. It is very easy to do."
Properties Management Group,

"Everything is working as we hoped it would. We have made a couple of conference calls and had no problems. I will be referring your company to our networking department to be used campus wide."
University Executive Associate,

"I just wanted to let you know that your services have been great so far. Everything from the set up to the actual call was very smooth. Thank you!"
Wall Street Finance Group - New York

"Your services have always been first class."
Travel Group, British Columbia

We are very pleased with the teleconferencing service your company provides. It is easy to use
Real Estate Board, Ontario

"We love A+ Conferencing and couldn’t be happier with your service and your rates. We do several conference calls each week and now we have 4 separate lines that we’re using."
National Marketing Group - Connecticut

"Everything is just great with the A+ conferencing. Just yesterday our CFO, who originates most of the calls, said what a great service it is and that the price is outstanding."
Mineral Exploration Co. - Colorado

"Your teleconferencing services have been well received by all employees and board of directors who have used them. We look forward to relying on A+ for all our conferencing needs."
Multi-Branch Bank - Florida

"I did get your e-mail and I have gathered all the information and submitted the proposal. As soon as I hear back I will get in contact with you and let you know the status. To be honest, you have the best option out there and I feel confident in the fact we will be using your services."
Real Estate Group-and now a customer - Kentucky

"We are doing quite well with A+ Conferencing. You continue to be very competitive (no one beats your price thus far!), and the 6 conference codes we have is more than enough at this point."
World Award Winning Brewery - California

"First of all, I want to express that I’m impressed that you continue to communicate with us. To me, communication is the key to success, as many know. "
Pharmaceutical Research Company - Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your response, and I would like to thank you for your services also. A++ for customer satisfaction and service!!!!!!
You guys do a great job on responding and ensuring that all is good."
Environmental Services Company - Ontario, Canada

"We are extremely happy with A+ and constantly amazed that you can provide this level of service at such a low price compared to other conference lines. I tell everyone about you and most of the time, we just let other companies that we work with use our conference call line. We probably average 5-10 conference calls per week."
National Marketing Group - Connecticut

"Thank you for your follow up on the conferencing services. We have used the account a few times and the owners of the company have been very satisfied with the results of the conferencing setup. The CFO indicated the lines were very clear and he said this was the best thing we could have done for the company to use your service. We have also used the account for international calling and it work really well."
Medical Equipment Provider - Connecticut

"All the Board members were commenting on how easy it was and I, of course, was commenting on the bill and how small it was."
Condominium Association - Florida

"We are quite pleased with your service. Our company has sales reps in 5 different locations throughout the Unites States-we use your service primarily for weekly conference calls, an occasional Board meeting, etc. We find it very easy to use."
National Automotive Customer Resources Group - North Carolina

"The service is great. As a small business person just getting started it gives my business a big company feel. The service is easy to use and gives me the flexibility to schedule when I want and the agility to do it quickly."
Small Business Owner - Tennessee

We've had nothing but great service. Thanks again."
Web Based Photo developing services group - New Jersey

"We continue to be very pleased with the A+ Conferencing account and it's run very smoothly for us."
Casino Corporation - Las Vegas, Nevada

"We’re very pleased with your services and have found them to be very user-friendly. I’ll definitely keep you mind should we decide to proceed with web conferencing in the future; we’ve discussed it a couple times in the past, but have not done anything with it thus far. I will also recommend your services; in fact, I recommended them earlier this evening to my former employers."
Aerospace Parts and Distribution Company - Tennessee



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