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Teleconferencing Service FAQS

Teleconferencing Services FAQS


Frequent Questions and Answers

We take great pride in our ability to meet the individual needs of each and every client. We have assembled answers to the most frequently asked questions about teleconferencing calls to help ensure your calls run smoothly. If your questions are not covered here, please contact us and we will do our best to answer your inquiry.


Let us be your teleconferencing services vendor.

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Billing FAQs

Account FAQs

Audio Conferencing FAQs

Web Conferencing FAQs



1.  Can you provide tracking of teleconferencing usage by account billing codes?

Yes, you have the option to set up a conference call and associate the call with a billing reference or account code. When you receive your bill, it will group all calls under that one particular account code and give you a total for all calls within that billing account code. We will also give you as many billing account codes as you need for your own internal billing and accounting needs.


2.  How detailed is your billing?

We provide very detailed information on each conference call.  Information included is chairperson’s name, date and time, phone numbers that accessed the call, connect and disconnect times, cost per participant, and total cost along with total minutes used on the call


3.  How do you bill? Monthly? Weekly? Per Call?

We have several billing options to accommodate your needs. We can bill monthly, weekly, daily or on a per call basis. You choose whether you want us to invoice you with Net 30 terms or if you want your calls charged to a credit card.


4.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


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Account FAQS

1. What are the benefits of opening an account?

When you open an account, you have the power to immediately conduct a reservation-less audio conference or web conference. We send you a welcome kit that includes everything you need to optimize your conferencing investment. The welcome kit’s comprehensive desk guide gives you virtually everything you need to know about our products to start conferencing right away. And the welcome kit’s access card puts users’ important account information and key commands right at your fingertips.  The  portfolio of products helps trim expenses associated with travel and creates a more productive and efficient workplace by empowering you to work closely together with business associates even when you’re in different cities or countries. We also make it easy to incorporate conferencing services into your organization by providing personalized account service and customized billing — all with no long-term commitment.


2. Do I have to sign a contract to open a  account? Are there any start-up fees or other commitments?

No - we do not require contracts as we earn your business on every call. However, we may offer a lower rate for a one-year commitment. Whether you use conferencing services once a day or once a month,  pricing is designed to accommodate you. With no start-up fees or commitments,  conveniently allows you to pay per conference by credit card or to set up an account to be billed at the end of the month.


3. How do I open a  account?

It only takes about three minutes to open a new account and you have two choices:

1) Go to our get started page and open up our on-line start form, or

2) Call us and sign up by telephone.


4. How long does it take to set up an account?

The account set-up process is incredibly quick and easy. If you select payment via credit card, your account will be set up within minutes, and you’ll be able to conduct a conference call immediately upon receiving your electronic welcome kit. In most other cases, we can have your information processed and your account activated within sixty to ninety minutes.


5. How do I make changes to my account? How do I add new users to my account?

To make changes to your account or to add new users, simply contact your sales representative, and he or she will update all applicable account information. If you want to add new moderators just go to our Add New PINS page (Click Here)


6. If I have any questions, whom can I call for help?

Conferencing Services contact numbers are listed below


7. Are there any set-up fees?

No. Our services is free of set-up charges and monthly fees.


8. How do I make a reservation if I want to make one?

Simply call a sales representative. Or use our online Conference  Reservation Form and click the Make a Reservation button in the Conference Center. We recommend you schedule your reservations at least 24 hours in advance.


9. Do you offer competitive pricing for  audio conferencing services?

We want to become your partner for conferencing services. We feel confident that you will be impressed with our high level of service and the competitive rates that we offer.

Let us provide a complete proposal by email. or Click here to go to our Get proposal page.


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Audio Conferencing

1. What audio conferencing services do you provide? What is the difference between them?

We offer two different audio conferencing services: 24/7 Instant Access and Operator Assisted.

24/7 Instant Access provides a quick and easy way for people to meet regardless of their location. With its easy phone access, 24/7 Instant Access gives you the freedom to initiate conference calls immediately — without a reservation.  With Operator Assisted calls, a professional operator is always available to help you choose the right conference strategy and monitor your call if needed. Operator Assisted Conferencing includes a host of complimentary features available upon request to customize your call.


2. Will I get instructions on how to use my reservationless service?

Yes. Once your user profile has been set up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed instructions, including your access number and code. In addition, you will receive your  welcome kit in the mail with a comprehensive desk guide and handy wallet-sized card containing your account information and instructions.


3. How do I start a 24/7 Instant Access conference via the phone?

You can start or join an Instant Access call via the phone by following the instructions below:

Moderator by Phone:

         Notify call participants.

         Dial your toll or toll free conference number.

         Enter conference code.

         Enter your PIN.

Participants by Phone:

         Dial the  number provided by the conference chairperson.

         Key in conference code also provided by the conference chairperson.


4. How does a chairperson activate various Instant Access call features?

In order to optimize your Instant Access call, the chairperson may activate various call features by using a touch-tone phone:


5. Is there a limit to the number of participants who can join my call?

Our reservationless platform capacity is unlimited. You can have up to 1,000 callers on a single call before we recommend making a reservation.


6. Can ports be added for my larger calls?

Yes - you can reserve as many ports as you need.


7. Why should different moderators in one company have different accounts?

If you set up multiple conferencing accounts, you are able to hold two conference calls simultaneously. When you receive your bill, you will know which particular chairperson did the conference call and can allocate the expense to the correct business unit.


8. Can I get a list of attendees for my conference?

For reservation-based operator assisted conference calls, you can request a participant list at the time the conference call is scheduled. After the call is over, we will e-mail you a list of all the participants who joined the meeting.


9. Is operator assistance available on my conference calls?

Operator assistance is available in all types of conference calls. In an Instant Access reservationless call,  offers two options for reaching an operator:

A) Private Operator Assistance: You may speak with an operator privately or request that an operator join your conference.

B) We also offer Operator Assisted calls where your operator is always available to help you choose the right features to make any call successful.


10. What features are available with my conference call?

The following are a few of the available features. Talk to us about adding these and other enhanced services to your call.

         Question and Answer Session

         Participant List

         Tape Recording

         Backdoor Communication Line

         Coordinator Monitor



         Entry/Exit Announcements

         Pass-code Security

         Roll Call

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Web Conferencing  

1. What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing allows many users from any location to participate in a real-time “virtual” meeting with a simple Internet connection that allows for sharing meeting related documents, applications and more.


2. What kinds of web-conferencing services are offered?

 Our primary web conferencing platform is called StartVisuals.  StartVisuals can handle of all web conferencing needs for 95% of our users. We also offer various other platforms of web conferencing services based on your specialized needs.


3. How do I sign up for web-conferencing services?

You can also set up an account by calling 1-800-804-8076


4. How do I start a web conference?

For more information on how to start a web conference, visit our Customer Center


5. Do I need to set up a new access number and access code each time I start a new conference?

No. Once it is set up, the account will be assigned for your use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


6. Do you provide training on your web-conferencing services?

We offer free training and additional support for our most robust conferencing tools. Learn how all of our products can enhance the impact of your meetings by joining one of our professional web conferencing trainers for a quick group lesson or an in-depth private session. For more information on training or to set up a custom training session, please send us an email or call us at the toll free number listed below.


7. What are the technical requirements to participate in a web-conference?

To find out more about web conferencing technical requirements, call or write our sales representatives.


8. Can participants still see my images/presentations if they don’t have the application I am using?

Yes, your participants can see your presentation even if they do not have the application installed on their PC for viewing.


9. Can I add audio to my web-conference?

Yes. It’s surprisingly easy to include an audio conference with your web conference through one interface. When you start your web conference you also have the option to add an audio conference by selecting Add Audio. When you and your participants sign in to join the conference, you include your phone numbers. At that point, your phone (and any attendees’ phones for which you have included a direct dial number) will ring to start the audio portion of the conference. It’s that easy.

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